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BijjamIT builds and manages the IT infrastructures that enable companies to collaborate like market leaders. Our company's unique combination of specialized skills in technical and managerial services, network infrastructure, application integration and e-Business services means we can provide the solutions our customers need to partner seamlessly.

BijjamIT is uniquely positioned to integrate and manage all the different technologies, standards and applications that make up today's collaborative infrastructure. The convergence of two IT disciplines: application development and integration, and network infrastructure has resulted in a new type of intelligent network - an application network. These allow companies to create a broad information infrastructure by connecting components internal and external to an enterprise making it simpler for businesses to work together seamlessly.

We also bring value to our clients through Multi-Sourcing, which is our ability to coordinate a combination of local, onshore and offshore resources to deliver BijjamIT solutions. By matching resources and locations, Multi-Sourcing enables us to provide top level skills at competitive costs.

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